Monday, March 29, 2010

Mike, Malik, and Booker

Tracy talked to three young guys, Mike, Malik, and Booker on Saturday afternoon in Old Town Fort Collins and asked them some questions about their spiritual beliefs. When asked if they considered themselves to be a good person, they replied, “Yeah, well I’m not bad” and “It’s not like I purposely do bad things, it’s just one of those mistake types of things.” When asked about the Ten Commandments one of them said, “I do not really believe in them, it should just be in your nature not to do any of that stuff “. Asked about the conscience and where it came from, one of them replied, “It’s what tells you what is right and wrong, because I believe that people know when they are doing something wrong”. Tracy asked them about their track record compared to the laws concerning lying, stealing, blasphemy, respecting their parents, and hating others. They all admitted to some degree of guilt but at least one sought to minimize his responsibility by saying that he was not doing those things anymore. He did admit that he probably would continue to lie, though he said lying did not seem like a very great transgression. Tracy pointed out that even a “small lie” when uttered against an infinitely holy God was infinitely offensive. When asked what the verdict would be if God judged them based upon His holy Law, all admitted they would be guilty. Where they would end up? One of them said, “Heaven because I haven’t done anything that morally wrong”. Tracy reminded him that he had admitted to telling many lies and that lying is a serious moral wrong. Tracy told them the good news that Jesus came to redeem His people. Fully God and fully man He lived a perfectly moral life and died a horrible death to save us from the wrath we deserve. And that what God requires of them is that they turn from their sin and trust in Christ alone to save them.

Libby and Hannah's Thoughts on the Afterlife

We interviewed Libby and Hannah in Fort Collins and asked them about their views on the afterlife. Libby said she believed in reincarnation and Hannah said that she would like to think that people go to heaven. They both said that they were basically good people. We talked to them about the perfect standard of God's Law and about the Savior who lived an absolutely perfect life and died a sacrificial death on behalf of His people to take the punishment that they rightly deserved. It is our hope and prayer that God will grant them repentance and faith so that we will see them again in heaven.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Riley and Ashley Interview - Oct 2009

This interview was conducted in Oct 2009. Riley said she was a Christian. Ashley said she was not. We asked them about whether they thought they would go to heaven when they die and why. They both thought they were good people. Riley had asked for forgiveness but had not thought about how a just God could forgive someone just because they asked.

Here is a link to the audio: